Sword Director Prototype Intro Post

Prototype Prompt

I got the idea for this prototype form watching the Castlevania show on Netflix.  I was watching Alucard fight using his sword.  I thought it was really cool how it moved around on its own with only a few directions from him.  I thought that would be a cool experience for a player.  Manually fighting while simultaneously directing another entity.

Current Progress

I worked on a rough prototype for a few days in the Unity Engine.  This is my first time using Unity’s new input system so it has been a bit of a learning experience.  Right now I have a few of the core features I want in the game.  Movement, jumping, and launching/recalling the sword are all functional.  Jumping still needs a little bit of tweaking, but it still functions as a jump.

Current Issues

My biggest issue right now is getting a system in place to allow the player to create a series of points in the level that the sword will pathfind to.  I have a some code set up that should work, but the input system that’s set up right now does not have enough bindings.  Right now the input button for marking a location for the sword’s path is a continuous hold and not a single frame.  This means a new point is added to the path every frame, which gives the player very little time to decide what direction they want the sword to travel in.

Next Steps

The next step for this project is to redo the input system bindings.  I need more options for button presses in order to test and create good control schemes.  Once the new control scheme is taken care of I can move onto making the sword pathfinding work.