Senior Production Blog Post #5

It’s the final week of the project and that means time for a post mortem of the project. Overall the project went really well I think.  There were certainly many hiccups along the way, with some being handled better than others.  The work we did was really great and I think most of, if not all, of our team is happy with the end result we produced.  The biggest detractors from the project in my opinion were a lack of productively from team members and some disorganization from the leads.

There were many factors that contributed to the lack of productivity from the team.  Covid still raging on, isolated, and other classes from school to name a few.  This led to some of the level design, UI implementation, and weapon implementation getting a bit behind.  A major setback in the level design was level scale.  Our beginning levels were really off scale and certain members of the team weren’t really focused or participated very much.  This delayed the start level iterations for a couple of sprints.  Initially the level designers worked on the tutorial level for the game while figuring out the multiplayer level scale, however making the tutorial took more energy than initially thought, which meant work on the multiplier level scale ended up being delayed and/or worked on by people who had very little level design experience.

The second issue with the way the leads organized the project with some of the meetings.  This was their first time organizing and being leads.  Some of the meetings could have been organized better and some things started earlier.  QA was one of them.  We didn’t really get started on planning what we wanted from QA until part way through the project which showed some of the earliest data.  It also would have helped us scope what we wanted to implement each week and set deadlines for when things should be merged into our core develop branch.

For me personally I think I was a good collaborator and developer overall.  I think I should have fought some for more design work earlier on in the project, but was happy to help the programmers implement some weapon features and make good use of my second major in game programming.  I could have taken a bit more charge when I came to areas I thought were somewhat lacking such as the previous QA issues I mentioned earlier.  Talking with the leads and telling them what I think they could have been better was definitely something I can improve upon.