Senior Production Blog Posts

Senior Blog Post #1

It has been about two weeks since the start of the semester and the project.  It has been great to get to know the team.  I was on-boarded to help with systems design and balancing the game.  Because of those reasons I was also put onto the backend team.  Our current team structure is divided into a front end and a backend team…

Senior Blog Post #2

It’s about four weeks into the project now and things have started to pick up in the project.  Balancing is still not on the forefront of my work, however I’ve still been able to help the team.  Since we don’t have quite enough data to effectively balance at this point I’ve had plenty of time to get familiar with the weapons code.  I’ve been implementing some of the weapons.

Senior Blog Post #3

It’s about a week until Greenlight and the game is really coming together.  Weapons are becoming more stable, we have better reference directions for levels and all around increased the quality of our production.  We did get some helpful advice from our production teachers about the scope of what we were trying to accomplish and upon reflection our leads thought we might be doing too much in such a short amount of time so we brought back the scope.

Senior Blog Post #4

It is post alpha at the time of this blog post and I have started balancing the game.  I’ve put off finishing the final weapon for the game in order to help get the balancing process started.  I’ve organized a QA planning meeting for our QA lead, design leads, producers…

Senior Blog Post # 5

It’s the final week of the project and that means time for a post mortem of the project. Overall the project went really well I think.  There were certainly many hiccups along the way, with some being handled better than others.  The work we did was really great and I think most of, if not all, of our team is happy with the end result…