Blog Post Update

Hello blog post readers.  I has been awhile since I posted and for that I apologize.  A lot has been happening so I’m going to try and post a little more frequently in the next week or so bring you all up to speed on what I did during my gap.

A quick announcement is that I’m starting to stream on the website Twitch!  I don’t have a confirmed schedule yet, but I’ll be alternating playing games and doing game development.

The games I’ll be playing will be a variety, probably smaller games that I enjoy (sometimes bigger games).  

For game development I’ll mostly be working in Unity at first, but will branch out into Unreal or other game engines.  Development streams should consist of programming and design, with a splash of art when I need custom assets.  Hopefully anyone curious about game development can catch a glimpse or maybe learn something from my streams.

I’ll put a link to my Twitch channel below so you can follow me if you want to see what I am doing.  I’ll be making  matching blog posts whenever I do a game dev stream explaining what I accomplished and what I want to do next.

The next bit of my blog post will be showing you what kind of blog post topics I will be posting in the week or so.

The following topics will make an appearance:

  • Majesty/CityBuilder Placement
  • Shadergraph Experiment
  • MonkeyByte Monster Hunter Recreation Pt1

These posts should be up next few days though not necessarily in this order.

That pretty much covers it for this blog post.  I will see you readers next post!