Senior Production Blog Post #4

It is post alpha at the time of this blog post and I have started balancing the game.  I’ve put off finishing the final weapon for the game in order to help get the balancing process started.  I’ve organized a QA planning meeting for our QA lead, design leads, producers and I can start planning out QA sessions for the upcoming sprint.  I facilitate the meeting to see what we want to test for this upcoming sprint and who we need to talk to in order for the tests to run successfully.  I’ve overall been trying to help get the QA pipeline to run a smoother since my balancing data depends on having good, reliable testing data.  I also have plans to start notifying people in our Discord server to start more internally testing changes I’ve made.  Ideally once the dev tools get integrated into the game I should be able to do more live tweaks, which means I can gather a small internal testing group and change values while they test.

In addition to tweaking the weapon’s values I’ve also started working on the balance of levels and prepping a mock-up for the level we are currently developing.  When setting up the document I first took the level sketch that our lead artist made with the help of our level designers and traced over it in Adobe Illustrator.  After I traced the sketch I then created a set of symbols for key points of interest such as team spawn locations, weapon pickups, and repair kits.  After the symbols are set up then I can start placing them, which also brings me to my biggest impediment, map detail.

The map sketch is just a sketch so there isn’t a lot of detail.  There were large swaths of empty space that I don’t know about.  I made some assumptions with what would be placed there, but I also talked to one of the level designers to see if I could get some quick sketches so I could see where the spaces are headed towards.  Height is another issue with those white spaces too.  Are the buildings in those white spaces going to have the same height, creating a large level top?  If I go about it this particular way I am still iterating while still moving towards what the level designers had in mind.