Professional Overview

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Design
Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Programming

Engine Experience

Programming Languages Known


First let me explain why I like video games.  Video games have fascinated me since I was a little kid.  I have always been attracted to games that move on their own regardless of player influence.  I am intrigued when the world feels alive and when things happen irregardless of my proximity to the event.  I often find these elements in strategy games such as city builders.

Game Design is what drives me.  While developing my programming skills I found a special interest in AI.  I believe that AI helps create a more immersive experience for players.  I want to create worlds that are so real players can get lost within and believe that it exists.  I hope to one day have an opportunity to help design a world like that.

My strengths include the critical thinking skills that would be necessary for systems design and mechanic prototyping.  My college background has equipped me with knowledge in multiple fields and I am very keen to learn more.  I am a very adaptable person so learning new techniques is relatively easy.  I’m not a very artistically inclined person.  I do my best to apply art techniques, but they normally take me longer to do than other technical tasks.

Having attended a college well known within the industry was just the first step on which I plan to build my career.  I hope to find a company that will embrace my love for learning and give me a chance to grow alongside it.