Cedric Brownewell

Game Designer who has a passion for prototyping systems & mechanics to help create cohesive experiences.  Programming skills have been pursued to further aid in design endeavors, both practical implementation and scope management.  Bridges the gap between design and programming teams to enhance the collaborative experience.

A fast paced first person shooter where players fight each other using electric based weapons.

A metriodvania set in Ancient Egypt where the protagonist has to fix a grave mistake before the underworld is turned upside down.

A 2D platformer where instead of a traditional movement system the player must bound off of surfaces.

Programming Work

The goal of this project was the replicate the basic AI function from the game.  The functionality was made modular so that specific behaviors could be transferred to another agent if necessary.

This project at the obstacle avoidance algorithm be implemented into the flocking algorithm. Included is a breakdown of the methods and techniques used to complete the project.